26 11 2012

Just thought I would give everyone an update on what I have been doing in terms of my training and life schedule. As an athlete I am still going to school and working a part time job. I am going to Algonquin College for Small Business Management. It is a great program and I really enjoy taking it. When I am not in school I am either working or training. I work in Arnprior at the local Home Hardware store. It is my goal to one day own Arnprior Home Hardware. This is a basic breakdown of my week:


Rest day! Mondays are my day to get caught up on school work and sleep. I spend the whole day in my sweats and just try to stay as relaxed as possible. If I am lucky I can get a movie in.


Back to school. Tuesdays are spent in the Algonquin College Library catching up on projects and school work. I have ball hockey Tuesday afternoon with my friends. Great cardio workout. I have a night class on Tuesday and like to get to the gym after that for a solid two hour workout.


Wednesdays I have an early morning class. After my class I generally meet with classmates to work on group projects. From there I like to get to the gym for a short workout. Wednesday nights I go trampolining for two hours with some friends to work on air awareness and get a solid cardio workout.


After my Thursday morning class I like to get to the gym for a two hour workout. I then get a drive to Arnprior. I spend Thursday nights with my girlfriend when she isn’t working.


Fridays after my morning class I either get caught up on some homework and go to the gym or nap depending on how tired I am. Friday nights I get back to Arnprior to Work a night shift at Home Hardware.


Working at Home Hardware all day. I  then try to get to the gym depending on how tired I am after work. Having  dinner with my parents that the cottage is always a lot of fun and we try to do it every weekend.


Working at the store all day. Sunday nights I get everything due for Monday done. If nothing is due I watch a movie with my girlfriend.


I has taken me a long time to achieve a balanced lifestyle that works for me. It has taken a lot of trail and error to get my life to a regular routine. I have learned a lot and am very happy with balance I achieved. My life is very business and I loose track of things sometimes but I am surrounded by many supportive people that have patience for my mistakes.


Getting to Whistler

26 11 2012


I found out about snowboarding making it into the 2014 Para Olympics in May of 2012. With this news I knew I would have to increase my training in order to make the team and earn the right to compete for Canada. My training increased and that June I flew to Whistler, British Columbia to try out for the Para Olympic team. All my hard work paid off when I heard the news that I had made the team and would to representing Canada at the 2014 Para Olympic Games.

With this news I knew there was going to have to be some major changes in my life. As a snowboarder these were exciting changes. I decided that it would be necessary to spend the 2013 snowboard season in Whistler to train with the team. Being in Whistler would allow me the opportunity to train full time as well as be close to my coach and teammates. My Plan is to be on the snow everyday and in the gym 5 days a week.

My Plan is to move to Whistler at the end of December. This way I can find a place to stay and possibly a part time job. I plan on being able to work 15-20 hours a week with my training schedule. This will allow me to have a little spending money along with having staff housing.

I am excited for the 2013 season and hoping to improve with my snowboarding skills. None of this would be possible if i didn’t have the support of my family, friends, and sponsors.

Thank you everyone!

Favorite Snowboarder- Sebastien Toutant

26 11 2012

One of “Seb Toots” video parts. Check out one of Canada’s best!

2013 Snowboard Calendar

16 11 2012

Check this out! Here is my schedule for the 2013 snowboard season. I plan on being in Whistler for January 1st 2013. I hope to participate in everything on this calendar. Six international events and lots of training!

PARA 2012-13 One Page Year Planner Nov1 (1)


Purpose of My Blog

6 11 2012

Hello World!

My name is John Leslie. I have created a wordpress blog centered on my snowboarding career. I believe it is important to have written documentation of my snowboarding adventures not only for my supporters to stay up to date but so that I can have a record of my journey to the 2014 Paralympics.

The purpose of my blog is to keep my supports up to date with my journey to the 2014 Paralympics. I want to post about the training I am doing and important information that relates to my snowboarding career. I want to post links to news articles and competitions I will be attending. I will be able to link any videos of me riding to my blog as well.

I want to thank all of the people that are supporting me on my journey and encourage anyone to follow my blog to see what I am up to on my road to 2014!