26 11 2012

Just thought I would give everyone an update on what I have been doing in terms of my training and life schedule. As an athlete I am still going to school and working a part time job. I am going to Algonquin College for Small Business Management. It is a great program and I really enjoy taking it. When I am not in school I am either working or training. I work in Arnprior at the local Home Hardware store. It is my goal to one day own Arnprior Home Hardware. This is a basic breakdown of my week:


Rest day! Mondays are my day to get caught up on school work and sleep. I spend the whole day in my sweats and just try to stay as relaxed as possible. If I am lucky I can get a movie in.


Back to school. Tuesdays are spent in the Algonquin College Library catching up on projects and school work. I have ball hockey Tuesday afternoon with my friends. Great cardio workout. I have a night class on Tuesday and like to get to the gym after that for a solid two hour workout.


Wednesdays I have an early morning class. After my class I generally meet with classmates to work on group projects. From there I like to get to the gym for a short workout. Wednesday nights I go trampolining for two hours with some friends to work on air awareness and get a solid cardio workout.


After my Thursday morning class I like to get to the gym for a two hour workout. I then get a drive to Arnprior. I spend Thursday nights with my girlfriend when she isn’t working.


Fridays after my morning class I either get caught up on some homework and go to the gym or nap depending on how tired I am. Friday nights I get back to Arnprior to Work a night shift at Home Hardware.


Working at Home Hardware all day. I  then try to get to the gym depending on how tired I am after work. Having  dinner with my parents that the cottage is always a lot of fun and we try to do it every weekend.


Working at the store all day. Sunday nights I get everything due for Monday done. If nothing is due I watch a movie with my girlfriend.


I has taken me a long time to achieve a balanced lifestyle that works for me. It has taken a lot of trail and error to get my life to a regular routine. I have learned a lot and am very happy with balance I achieved. My life is very business and I loose track of things sometimes but I am surrounded by many supportive people that have patience for my mistakes.




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