I John Leslie understand the importance of your personal privacy. I have created policies and procedures to ensure that any information you provide to me, as a result of my relationship with you, will be treated with my full care and respect. I will treat your personal information just as carefully as I would treat my own. Please review my privacy commitment to you.

Why I collect and use your personal information

Any personal information collected will be provided by you. As a National Para Snowboarder any information you provide me with will be used to help me with my career in snowboarding. Your personal information will help me connect with you or use in reference to achieve a common goal.

I will only ask for the information I need

Depending on our relationship I will only need certain information. I will only ask for information I need to manage our relationship or that is required for my snowboarding purposes.

How I collect your personal information

I will collect your personal information directly through you.

Your Consent is needed

I will obtain your consent to collect, use or disclose your personal information.  Consent can be collected in a number of ways. I will collect your consent through writing, electronically or verbally. I will be sensitive your our agreement that you give consent to. You may at any point withdrawal your consent of my use of your information.

I will limit of disclosure and use of your personal information

Your information will only be disclosed or used if agreed upon in our relationship.

 I will keep your information up to date and accurate

I plan on having any personal information I obtain from you kept up to date and accurate. Please contact me at any point if personal information changes. If any discrepancies are found with your personal information and my records please contact me so that it can be updated.

I will protect your personal information

I will use the prober methods to keep your personal information protected and safe. The same protection and safety methods will be used to destroy your information.

Your right to access

At any point if you wish to access your personal information, review our agreement, or see how your information is being used, that is your right. Please contact me if you would like to request your personal information file. There may be restrictions on some information if used with other individual’s personal information.

My Privacy Policy

If you have any questions regarding my privacy policy or wish to make a request please contact me.

John Leslie



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